28 May 2011 @ 05:01 pm

Upcoming Events
* presentation at MoMondays, September 15th - Uptown Grill, 193 Kenmount Rd., St. John's
*"Art To Soothe" solo exhibition at Soothe Spa, September 16 til December 31, Bates Hill, St. John's
*Les mains dans l'art (painting workshops in French) - October - across Newfoundland and Labrador

(OPEN HOUSE, Wednesday, October 1st, 6-9pm)
*leading 2 workshops at the Body, Mind & Spirit retreat (Developing Intuition, Simplifying Your Life) November 7-9, Salmonier, NL
Photo by Cathy Chicoine

My life purpose is to explore and express my love of beauty and the beauty of love.  I do this through painting, photography, writing, teaching, traveling, and simple living. My artwork is part of a growing movement called "Energism" - art that helps connect to the universal energy flow.  It is as much about the creative process as the final results, reflecting the dance of Spirit within Nature and the Self - energies that illuminate, transform, move, and lead to reflection. My mixed media paintings are rich in vibrant colours, textures, and spiritual symbolism, often incorporating my photography and gemstones.  My photography transmits impressions and expressions of the Life Force inherent in beauty.

I have a Certificate of Art & Design (SK), two Certificates of Professional Photography (NY, BC), a Masters in Education (AB), and am a juried member of the Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador.  In 2013/14, I spent 10 months studying art at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria as well as in Bali and in Italy.

You can view my work by following the links in the sidebar on the left. 

"Color is like music, nourishing and uplifting, and the more colors you harmoniously absorb throughout the day, the higher your sense of well-being is. Do not be afraid to bring vibrant colors into your space as color is light, and light is our number one nutrient."

"Feng Shui Color Guide - How to Use Colors in Feng Shui" by Rodika Tchi, About.com Guide